Thạc Sĩ Lê Khánh Linh

Thạc Sĩ Lê Khánh Linh
Member of the Management Board
DAIBIO Great Family Traditional Medicine Clinic Corporation
LOTIPET PET Care Ayurvedic Traditional Medicine Center
May 2011 – Present
Responsible for the clinical operations and medical management side of a medical office both for human and for pet. Ensures office is running smoothly by supervising office staff, hires, terminates, and trains employees, and oversees the billing portion of the DAIBIO corporation.
Conduct and administer fiscal operations, including accounting, planning budgets, authorizing expenditures, establishing rates for services, and coordinating financial reporting.
Maintain communication between governing boards, medical staff, and department heads by attending board meetings and coordinating interdepartmental functioning.
Plan, implement and administer programs and services in a health care or medical facility, including personnel administration, training, and coordination of medical, nursing and physical plant staff.
Direct or conduct recruitment, hiring and training of personnel.
Establish work schedules and assignments for staff, according to workload, space and equipment availability.
Maintain awareness of advances in medicine, computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment, data processing technology, government regulations, health insurance changes, and financing options.
Monitor the use of diagnostic services, inpatient beds, facilities, and staff to ensure effective use of resources and assess the need for additional staff, equipment, and services.
Develop and maintain computerized record management systems to store and process data such as personnel activities and information, and to produce reports.
Manage change in integrated health care delivery systems, such as work restructuring, technological innovations, and shifts in the focus of care.
Consult with medical, business, and community groups to discuss service problems, respond to community needs, enhance public relations, coordinate activities and plans, and promote health programs.
Develop or expand and implement medical programs or health services that promote research, rehabilitation, and community health.
Vice President
Research Education in Biotechnology Transfering Institute RETIB
Oct 2010 – Present
As the medical expert for case management staff to work collaboratively with physicians and addresses issues of medical necessity and clinical resource utilization through direct communication with physicians and payer medical directors. Provide physician leadership, training and bio-technology vision for the RETIB as a key member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and serves as a liaison between the ELT, the Medical Staff and its leadership and Patient Care Services to assure that quality, safe patient care is provided. Direct the Medical Staff Services and Transfer Technology and Performance Improvement to assure efficient and effective operations for RETIB about human, animals, trees with Ministry of Health Agencies and Ministry of Agriculture.
• Provides overall clinical leadership for the Company, serving as the lead representative for clinical development and strategy both internally as well as externally – including internal clinical staff, CROs, clinical investigational sites, key opinion leaders, investors, & analysts.
• Serves as cross functional leader for all clinical trial workstreams, including clinical pharmacology, statistics, regulatory affairs, translational medicine, and clinical operations. Lead clinical interface with other functional areas, such as biology, chemistry, manufacturing, commercial, and business development.
• Oversees, train and directly contributes to the clinical development plan for all clinical compounds, including input into and review of the pre-clinical package, as well as review with and endorsement from key stakeholders for go/no-go development decision criteria.
• Responsible for the design and authorship of study protocols and interpretation of clinical study data.
• Serves as an exemplary leader for the clinical team to train, develop, transfer technology as needed.
• Manages clinical budget & resources, ensuring appropriate balance between internal and external FTEs in order to meet strategic product development plans and timelines.
Senior Consultant
May 2009 – Aug 2010
The majority specializes in an area such as engineering, information technology, healthcare thought leaders, providing support to a variety of department heads and upper management.
Information Manager
Ariston Thermo Group
Apr 2007 – Jun 2009
Collection and management of information from one or more sources and the distribution of that information to one or more audiences. Management the organization of and control over the planning, structure and organisation, controlling, processing, evaluating and reporting of information activities in order to meet client objectives and to enable corporate functions in the delivery of information.
Information Officer
World Health Organization
Jan 2005 – Feb 2007
Managing and securing patient records with computers and software to comply with federal mandates for electronic storage of patient information. Health information managers must make sure that these records are accurate and complete since they may be used for research or quality management. They also must make sure that databases are secure and may only be accessed by authorized personnel.
Information Technology Manager
B. Braun Group
Oct 2002 – Dec 2004
• Manage the Information system application and IT infrastructure policies and procedures (04 Servers, Voice IP PABX Siemens, PCs/Laptop, time taking system by PROMAG product with 1,000 staffs in the factory, with LAN, WAN connect to Headquarter in Germany) and analytical review to exceed requirements for development.
• Maintain expertise within business process, sophisticated reviews and supervise suppliers.
• Daily supervisory of the IT Infrastructure Administration shared Service and Informatics Technology vendor.
Selected Achievements
• 700 USD Bonus directly from the General Director as successfully repairing IT system in Finance Application when this system was broken down in 8/2004.
• 300 USD Bonus thanks to successful management of the Masterpack Enterprise Resources Planning Systems in 4/2004 to fix errors by self-learning only.
• Played as the Key Team role and managed staffs to control executions of CMC Company with budget 18,000 USD to upgrade the Network Infrastructure in 9/2003.
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